After developing a keen interest in theatre over the last year (to say the least), I decided to set up a blog where I can write up some reviews of the shows I see. Most will be West End shows, but there will be some regional content up here, too.

Besides reviews, I’ll also write some topical features whenever I have the time. Something I’m particularly passionate about is championing the understudy – their job is challenging and they’re incredibly underrated. This is something I’d like to explore in more depth.

I don’t plan to write any news pieces, but feel free to follow the West End and Beyond Twitter account for theatre-related news, including castings, season announcements, award ceremonies and more.

Finally, I would like this to be an interactive blog, where people can discuss their favourite shows, recommend shows to others, and essentially find inspiration and advice. I’ve helped a number of people get cheap or difficult-to-get-hold-of tickets, so if you need any help, please get in touch via the ‘contact’ page, or on Twitter.